Aim for the bullseye with our Traveltease quiz.

You’ll need a steady hand and a quick mind to work out the answers to this week’s selection of memory ticklers. Good luck!

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This is Eilean Donan Castle. Which part of the UK is it in?*
Which city has been announced as host of the 2024 Australian Tourism Awards?*
In August, the iconic Ghan will celebrate how many years traversing through the centre of Australia?*
The March issue of Traveltalk is offering prize trips to which two destinations?*
Mette Frederiksen is the Prime Minister of which European country?*
Standing 132 metres tall, the Tequendama Falls are located where?*
Which of the following offers are available as part of the Ghan’s Birthday Sale?*
Topeka is the capital city of which U.S. State?*
The 37th America’s Cup competition takes place later this year in which city?*
Which country is directly west of Zambia?*