Can you figure out our Traveltease quiz?

Distances, depths and dates. It's a bit of a numbers game with Traveltease this week. Hopefully you can make it all add up. Good luck!

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At 194 kilometres long, Coorong Beach is the longest in Australia. Where is it?*
In which American city will you land at Harry Reid International Airport?*
AAT Kings have released two new Short Break tours to which destination?*
The deepest canyon in the world is more than 6,000 metres deep. Where is it?*
How long is the Equator?*
Karaganda is the fourth-largest city in which country?*
AAT Kings has just launched its newest A-LIST ACCESS podcast episodes, offering:*
In which city was the first ever Superbowl held in 1967?*
Standing some 300 metres tall, where is the tallest building in South America?*
Which famous London landmark was finally completed in 1843?*