This week’s Traveltease quiz is as simple as A, B, F.

We’ve received complaints that our fiendish quizmaster has been too hard on you recently. So this week all you need to know is your alphabet…well, almost. Good luck!

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What ‘A’ is the large landmass attached to the top of Canada?*
What ‘B’ has Brussels as its capital city?*
According to Guinness World Records, which ‘C’ is home to the world’s biggest bakery?*
Which ‘E’ is the endorheic lake in the far north region of South Australia?*
Which ‘G’ is famous for its massive iguanas?*
With 5,000 rooms, which ‘I’ is the biggest hotel in Europe?*
Which of these ‘J’s’ is located in New Zealand?*
Which Australian ‘K’ featured in the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?*
Name the ‘M’ which is the furthest north of these U.S. states.*
The 12th tallest in the world, what 540 metre ‘O’ is a TV and radio tower in Moscow?*