Will you be jumping for joy after this week’s Traveltease?

See how many answers you can get right without resorting to Mr Google. Good luck!

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If someone says ‘Konnichiwa’ to you, which country are you likely to be in?*
Which airline just launched the first direct flights from Sydney to the Margaret River?*
When was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco built?*
What nationality is famous chef Raymond Blanc?*
Kandy, Uva and Dimbulla are tea growing regions in which country?*
If your wallet is full of Lari, where in the world are you?*
On which continent will you find the native indigenous Mapuche?*
Famous for its underground church built within a salt mine, Zipaquirá is located where?*
In which European country is Mr Sax’s House, dedicated to the inventor of the saxophone?*
The Strade Bianche is a road bike race held in which Italian region?*