Will you take the choccies in this week’s Traveltease?

Time to put your travel and general knowledge to the test in our fun weekly quiz. There’s a perfect 10 waiting for someone. Good luck!

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If you were visiting Coorong National Park, where would you be?*
The Pohutukawa or ‘Christmas’ tree is mainly found where?*
Top secret air force base Area 51 is in which U.S. state?*
Rendez-Vous Canada 2024 is taking place this month in which city?*
Famous travel photographer Inge Morath was born in which country?*
A 54-year-old man has scaled Mount Everest more than anyone else. How many times has he climbed it?*
Kansai International Airport serves which Japanese city?*
Hákarl is the national dish of which country?*
Which two countries share the Meuse river with France?*
On which continent will you find the Shona people?*