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Qantas has temporarily adjusted flight paths for its flights between Perth and London due to the situation in parts of the Middle East.

There have been some incorrect reports that Qantas flights between Perth and London had been paused or cancelled. 

The airline says QF9 (Perth-London) and QF10 (London-Perth) are the only Qantas flights affected.  

It is continuing to monitor the situation with a range of options available using alternative flight paths.

Qantas Flight QF9 has been operating via Singapore for a fuel stop which enables it to still carry a full load of customers, and minimise disruption. The return flight QF10 (London-Perth) has been operating direct to Perth with a full load, due to prevailing winds. 

QF9 will operate as QF209 due to the adjusted flight path.  

Qantas’ other flights to and from London (QF1/2) are unaffected as they operate through different flight paths.  

The airline says it monitors flight paths daily and makes adjustments for a variety of reasons, including security and weather. 

The airline says it will directly reach out to customers if there’s any change to their booking.