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Singapore Airlines has issued its latest update on the condition of passengers involved in last weeks fatal turbulence incident.

As of 1830hrs (Singapore Time) on Sunday, 52 passengers and one crew member who were on board SQ321 are still in Bangkok.

This includes 40 passengers and one crew member receiving medical treatment in the hospital.

CNN Anchor and aviation expert, Richard Quest speaks to Piers Morgan about the incident and wider issues at Boeing.

Singapore Airlines has been in contact with passengers and crew members who were on SQ321, including those who are still in Bangkok. Where requested, we have facilitated travel to Bangkok for their families and loved ones.

“The well-being of our passengers and staff is our utmost priority,” the airline said.

On 26 May 2024, the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft that operated flight SQ321 on 20 May 2024 was flown back to Singapore from Bangkok. It landed at 1339hrs (Singapore Time). SIA says it is fully cooperating with the relevant authorities in the investigation into this incident.

Family members and loved ones seeking information may contact the Singapore Airlines hotlines at +65-6542-3311 (Singapore), 1800-845-313 (Australia), or 080-0066-8194 (the United Kingdom).