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The report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) into the Alaska Airlines Boeing MAX 9 incident last month is scathing, with serious questions now being asked of plane manufacturer, Boeing.

In fact, demand for the report when it was released this morning was so high that the NTSB website went offline.

In the report, investigators said all four bolts needed to hold the door plug in place were missing from the plane.

“Overall, the observed damage patterns and absence of contact damage or deformation around holes associated with the vertical movement arrestor bolts and upper guide track bolts in the upper guide fittings, hinge fittings, and recovered aft lower hinge guide fitting indicate that four bolts that prevent upward movement of the MED plug were missing before the MED plug moved upward off the stop pads,” the NTSB said.

Boeing has responded to a damning preliminary report.

“Whatever final conclusions are reached, Boeing is accountable for what happened. An event like this must not happen on an airplane that leaves our factory,” CEO Dave Calhoun said in a statement.

“We simply must do better for our customers and their passengers.”

The company has previously said it is implementing a comprehensive plan to ensure the quality of its aircraft.