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A new partnership has been launched aimed at making the world a more dog-friendly place.

Mars has joined forces with Tripadvisor, connecting devoted pet parents with better travel experiences.

A new co-branded digital Pet Travel Hub will connect owners with local adventures and support businesses looking to accommodate them.

Consumers will be inspired by and connected to pet-friendly communities across Tripadvisor’s platform, while businesses will be encouraged to realise the cultural, well-being and financial benefits of becoming pet-friendly.

With 33% of dog owners altering travel plans because of pets, the partnership looks to address key pain points in traveling with our much-loved companions.

The partnership will be celebrated via the launch of Tripadvisor’s new ‘Pet-Friendly Hotel Travelers’ Choice Awards’ category for 2024.

The agreement between the maker of some of the world’s most-loved brands and the world’s largest travel guidance platform will kick-off in America with plans to expand globally.

Despite 73% of U.S. Tripadvisor users owning pets, less than one per cent of Tripadvisor’s U.S. restaurants are currently listed as pet-friendly, demonstrating a huge need for more pet-friendly businesses.

“At Mars, we’re dedicated to becoming the most digitally enabled, pet parent-centric organisation, which means collaborating with innovators like Tripadvisor to transform the pet parent experience,” said Natalia Ball, Global Chief Growth Officer of Mars Pet Nutrition.

“This partnership cements our commitment to supporting pet parent communities, using our unmatched expertise, knowledge and relationship with over 400 million pets and their pet parents who purchase our products every year.”