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The start of a New Year often brings promises of living a healthier life.

Emirates have shared some of their top tips on how to ‘fly better’ in 2024, with wellness at the forefront.

Minimise stress using technology: Travelling can be stressful for some but it’s also easier than ever before, with technology offering customers more control over their journey.

Keep your hand luggage light: Keep your hand luggage to a minimum for maximum comfort while travelling and to avoid neck or shoulder pain.

Stretch: To stay refreshed during and after a long flight, performing simple in?seat exercises every few hours can be beneficial for customers in all classes.

Hydrate: Hydration is the key to comfort when flying and drinking water before, during, and after a flight is the best way to care for your body while travelling. Black or green tea in particular aid digestion, reducing cholesterol and benefiting gut health.

Replenish skin moisture: Flying is the perfect time to treat your skin to some extra hydration, whether with your own favourite product or some complimentary, world class products from the airline.

Breathe mindfully: Popular deep breathing exercises like ‘box breathing’ where you inhale for four seconds, hold for four seconds, exhale for four seconds and hold for four seconds, can help induce a deeper state of relaxation.

Treat yourself to a massage: One of the best ways to relax before or after travel is to enjoy a massage, which helps loosen stiff muscles, release toxins and rehydrate the skin.