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Here, advisors NICK MEYERS and DHARSHAN SOSAI report back on their time aboard and ashore.

Note: This famil took place before the recent troubles in New Caledonia.


Nick Meyers (Flight Centre Werribee, VIC)

Carnival Splendor is a glorious experience and having the privilege of being there with Carnival’s best was the most fun of all.

Our journey began with our first encounter with the lovely and helpful Carnival team. Throughout our time onboard nothing was ever too hard and every request was met with a smile. The team makes the ship and Carnival’s team is a great example of that.

Once onboard, the range of activities and experiences seemed endless – exploring the ship felt like walking through a mix between a resort, a bustling city and a theme park all at once, but still with areas for relaxation and quiet, too.

That first afternoon exploring was when I was sold – this was going to be a great adventure.

Dinner at the Gold Pearl restaurant was always top notch and again, the staff made it an unforgettable experience by performing for us every night – not figuratively, I mean literally getting up and doing a song-and-dance number for the guests during every dinner service – something I have never seen before on a ship.

The team also looked to be having a great time doing it, which made us have a great time watching it. The entertainment onboard did not stop at dinner, though. It was varied and curated to different styles and genres.

From the bright and energetic theatre shows performed by a stellar cast of singers and dancers, to the intimate piano bar where we could sit around and sing along to the classics.

After two amazing FUN days at sea, we were in Noumea and a trip to Amedee Island, where the sunshine was only matched by the bright smiles of the locals as they took us on a tour of the reef (the second largest in the world, not to brag) where we saw sea turtles and a plethora of sea life through a glass-bottom boat.

This is something you can only experience on this island, so we were very grateful to be able to say we saw it.

Lifou island was another stop on the journey and we got to experience Lue Jajinyi Cave’s beautiful waters and explore some more of New Caledonia.

For our last two days the ship was bursting with activities and events, from Aussie-themed trivia, to ‘Deal or No Deal’, crazy fun bingo (my first time) and the best theatre show I have seen at sea, Epic Rock.

The costumes, music, staging and talent on stage were something to behold and we could tell the performers were having a ball.

It even gave some of us the confidence to jump on karaoke later (detouring to the Alchemy Bar first) to try our luck on the mic.

Overall, there is not enough to say about the amazing things to see and do onboard Carnival Splendor. It is definitely worth getting onboard and finding out yourself.


Dharshan Sosai (Flight Centre Hastings, VIC)

Embarking on a Carnival Cruise famil to the South Pacific was an experience that exceeded my expectations, with great service onboard the ship to stunning destinations.

The check-in process onto the ship was easy with friendly staff who go above and beyond; this really set the tone throughout the rest of the trip.

The vessel is clean with modern fittings, spacious cabins and plenty of dining options. My stateroom was comfortable and well maintained by the staff onboard, which is great after a day of exploration.

Our itinerary included stops at several beautiful islands in the South Pacific, each offering its own unique charm.

The first stop was Amadee Island where you catch a 45 minute ferry from Noumea in New Caledonia. This island was a slice of paradise with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters.

The snorkelling was amazing: you could see a beautiful underwater world with all sorts of marine life, such as turtles, sharks and all sorts of fish. The crew put on a beach side BBQ and entertained us with cultural performances.

Lifou was another highlight, with rugged cliffs and dark caves to explore. We ventured into Lue Jajinyi Cave where you can find a beautiful swimming hole to refresh. Another point of interest is the Cliffs of Jokin, with breathtaking views of the ocean.

A big part of cruising’s appeal is the onboard experiences. Carnival Splendour offers a wide range of activities ensuring there is never a dull moment.

The daily schedule included everything from comedians, live entertainment and themed parties. The welcoming nature of the event organisers made it easy to meet new people and form friendships.

The dining options were plentiful, with restaurants serving a variety of quality cuisines such as Indian, pizza or burgers. I particular liked the Steakhouse experience, where we got to indulge in a multicourse meal paired with delicious wine.

The staff onboard the ship made sure we were taken care of, with their attention to detail and genuine care. Whether it was the housekeeping staff keeping our room tidy, the bar staff remembering our drink order or the restaurant staff accommodating dietary requirements, their service was exceptional.

My famil trip with Carnival to the South Pacific was truly one to remember. The combination of stunning destinations, exceptional service and amazing food created a perfect holiday.

I left with cherished memories and new lifelong friends. Time to book the next one!