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A recent analysis by Snow Season Central reveals which Australian cities are the most eager for the 2024 Southern Hemisphere ski season to begin.

The comprehensive study delved into Google search data analysis of over 300 queries related to the Southern Hemisphere ski season in Google against 50 of the most populated cities to rank them in terms of their total search interest per 100,000 people.

The No.1 city most interested in the ski season is Bathurst, with an impressive search interest of 15,311 searches per capita, 191% higher than the national average of 5,267.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • The Australian cities and towns most interested for the 2024 ski season to start are Bathurst (NSW), Ballina (NSW) and Geelong (VIC), according to Google search data per capita.
  • Bathurst’s search interest per capita was 191% higher than the national average.
  • The places that had the lowest interest in the upcoming ski season were Bendigo (VIC), Newcastle (NSW) and Wollongong (NSW) retrospectively.
  • Bendigo’s search interest per capita was 71% lower than the national average.
  • Of the state capitals, Brisbane came in highest in position 28, followed by Sydney (29), Canberra (38), Darwin (40), Melbourne (44), Hobart (45), Adelaide (46) and Perth in 47th position.
  • 9.6% increase YoY in search interest for the Southern Hemisphere ski season
  • New Zealand emerges as the favoured destination for Australian snow enthusiasts (up by 24% YoY)

Here are Australia’s 20 cities most excited for the Southern Hemisphere ski season, according to Snow Season Central:

The analysis also looked at the comparison of search demand for different destinations and how this differs from the same period last year.

In summary, there has been a notable 9.6% increase in search demand for the same 300 keywords year on year, which suggests a growing interest in snowsports and trip planning from Australians. The majority of this growth was driven by interest in New Zealand as a destination, with a 24% increase year on year. Conversely, demand for keywords relating to the Australian ski season experienced a slight dip of 1%. Meanwhile, South America as a destination saw an impressive growth of more than 14%, but remains a small percentage of the total search market. 

“We are thrilled to unveil these compelling insights into Australia’s ski season trends for 2024. The data not only highlights the evolving preferences of Australian snow enthusiasts but also underscores the growing popularity of international ski destinations such as New Zealand,” Ed Raine, Director of Snow Season Central said.