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Our newsroom was spared the embarrassment of being fooled by any April 1 pranks due to Easter, but that doesn’t mean that jokes weren’t being had both here and overseas.

Here’s some of the best travel related April Fools Day jokes from around the world:

Iceland Air’s in-flight dating:

Modern life has brought us so many ways of meeting people.

Blind dates, speed-dating, the early 2000’s online dating scene, to the app-swiping experience of the present day – we thought – why not combine dating and flying for a whole new experience?

Now, we’re introducing a brand-new feature in our app:

Icelandair UP TO DATE, where our passengers can “go out” for an in-flight date!

Every year we get many calls from people telling us that they’ve met their significant other on board our planes. To us it’s a definite win-win: Dating while passing the time on your flight!

Emirates announces new Residence in Dubai:

Luxury living is about to reach new heights. Introducing Emirates Residences. Situated in the heart of Dubai, the 380 story mega-project will be adorned with premium interiors inspired by Emirates’ beloved in-flight experience. The tower will even have its own exclusive airport for residents. Construction on Dubai’s newest supertall tower is set to begin 31 February, 2025.

Jetstar’s arm rest sale:

First in, best rest! No more fighting over the armrest. With Rest Assured you can reserve your armrest in advance for only $2.

Tampa International Airport’s iconic Flamingo “Phoebe” breaks free:

Tampa International Airport tweeted that its resident giant flamingo had managed to break free.


Phoebe escaped her enclosure at 8:47 AM and has been spotted throughout the Tampa Bay area🦩

🫡 Flamingo recovery efforts are underway

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Did you see any entertaining April Fools Day pranks? Let us know. [email protected].