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The Celebrity Living Life On The Edge

WHEN IT hit the water back in 2018, Celebrity Edge was seen as a game-changing new ship set to shake up the whole cruising scene.

A few years on, and with the ship’s arrival in our part of the world, it’s doing some game-changing here, too. DAN LAKE reports.

If you are used to some of the older vessels that frequent Australasian waters, then sailing on Celebrity Edge will be a treat. With its revolutionary design, it’s not just another ship – it’s a whole new class of vessel.

The concept of Celebrity Edge was all about pushing boundaries in ship design.

A key part of that is the Magic Carpet, which I’ll get to shortly. But some of the design concepts used for the first time by Celebrity Edge have now become commonplace in the cruising industry.

The driving force and bottom line in terms of Edge’s design was to make the onboard experience as immersive as possible, starting from the moment you step on board.

Unlike traditional ships, Edge has a more outward-facing layout.

You feel like you are at sea, rather than feeling like you’re in a ship that’s at sea. It may seem like a small thing but makes all the difference to the onboard experience.

Celebrity Edge made history as the first ship to be fully designed in 3D right from the get-go. They didn’t just sketch it out on paper – they went all out in virtual reality, crafting every little detail with care.

They wanted to make sure every nook and cranny was just perfect for kicking back and chilling out before they even started building the ship for real.

On top of introducing fresh stateroom classes, Celebrity completely revamped all its accommodation options onboard the ship, with a total of 1,467 staterooms spread out across 14 roomy decks.

The vessel’s automated staterooms offer ultimate convenience with just a tap, giving you control over various functions effortlessly. Unlock your door with keyless entry using your phone, adjust the lighting or prepare for bedtime with the Celebrity app. And for a relaxing afternoon nap, let the window shades adjust automatically. It’s all about ensuring your stay is smooth and comfortable.

All staterooms have received a top-notch upgrade, with larger bathrooms and extra storage space for all your essentials. Plus, the showers have been made even more spacious for those pre-dinner freshen-ups.

It’s also worth mentioning the beds. Every standard-sized stateroom now features a luxurious king-size cashmere mattress from the exclusive Celebrity Cashmere Bedding Collection.

The Infinite Veranda represents a cutting-edge (get it?) innovation in cruise technology.

This addition takes the traditional veranda stateroom to the next level by seamlessly blending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, transforming your entire living area into a veranda. Celebrity Edge boasts 918 Infinite Veranda Staterooms.

However, what stood out for me personally was the remarkable artworks that make this ship truly unique at sea. Art enthusiasts as well as regular travellers will be blown away with more than 4,000 pieces onboard.

The Magic Carpet

The bright orange Magic Carpet is synonymous with the image and appearance of Celebrity Edge.

The instantly identifiable structure offers open-air panoramic views of the ocean and when it’s not too windy, the bar and lounge area somehow feels like an intimate hideaway despite being so open.

Magic Carpet is the world’s first cantilevered sea venue and can move to different locations across 13 storeys of the ship.

Perched atop the ship on deck 16, it offers an exclusive high-altitude dining experience known as ‘Dinner on the Edge’, with food designed to be just as amazing as the view.

Descending to deck 14, the carpet becomes part of the main pool area, offering guests an expanded space to relax, enjoy the sea views and sip on refreshing beverages.

On deck five, the Magic Carpet offers an additional option for seating alongside some of the restaurants onboard.

At its lowest position on deck two, it hovers just above the ocean’s surface, serving as an extension of the Destination Gateway, an additional embarkation point where guests depart on bespoke Edge launches.

The solarium

Part of the super spacious resort deck is the adults-only solarium. Celebrity Edge has again stuck to its tradition of having a covered pool area where grown-ups can chill out in style.

The solarium is not just any old pool area, though. It’s also home to one of Celebrity’s top foodie spots, The Spa Café and Juice Bar.

Here, they’ve put a fun twist on healthy eating, serving up a mix of tasty and nutritious treats.


The Cosmopolitan Restaurant is Celebrity’s fresh take on the classic main dining spot.

As soon as you step in, you’ll be greeted by a cool walk-through wine display that sets the tone for the cuisine inside – think new American flavours with a global twist.

Normandie Restaurant has a classy vibe and is said to be a “modern love letter to Paris in springtime”.

Cyprus Restaurant is close to the hearts of the team behind the design of Edge’s food offerings. Here, it’s all about fresh seafood and delicious, no-fuss dishes that let the flavours of the Mediterranean shine.

Then there’s the Tuscan Restaurant, where the vibes are as stand-out as the food. Think cuisine straight from the heart of southern Italy, with homemade pastas designed to make you feel like you’re dining in a rustic Italian trattoria.

I also dined at Fine Cut Steakhouse, one of eight specialty restaurants onboard Celebrity Edge. It offers a variety of upscale steak and seafood experiences. What makes this dining experience premium is the service and food presentation.

Fine Cut offers the next level of sophistication that’s not available anywhere else on the ship. The restaurant’s design feels like a mix of dark New York dining and southeast Asian woods.

Upcoming Itineraries

Celebrity Edge is operating sailings around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific until mid-April when it will depart for North America.

It will operate an 18-night cruise stopping at Sydney, Bay Of Islands, Auckland, Raiatea, Papeete, Moorea and Honolulu.

From there it sails a 10-night cruise from Hawaii to Canada, stopping at Honolulu (Oahu), Hilo and Kailua Kona. The ship will return to Sydney in October 2024.