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AURORA EXPEDITIONS has simplified when and where to explore in 2023 with the release of an informative Bucket List e-book.

Highlighting the ideal time to discover wild and pristine destinations or exceptional phenomena each month, the free Bucket List book includes travel hacks, immersive experience tips and wildlife encounters.

The book also provides interesting facts, such as March being the optimal time to see whales in Antarctica. Aurora is one of the few ships still in the area during this time.

Meanwhile, April is ideal for a journey through the famous Panama Canal and is best experienced during a rare daylight crossing to fully appreciate this man-made waterway.

“Our guides’ invaluable tips, expertise and insights have culminated in this informative and practical guide to expedition travel,” said Hayley Peacock Gower, Aurora Expeditions’ Chief Marketing Officer.

“Aurora Expeditions’ focus continues to be on education and conservation, our goal is to immerse our expeditioners in some of the world’s most hidden and spell-binding places in a relaxed and fun onboard setting.”

Readers looking to book a trip with Aurora will receive savings of up to 20 per cent when booking by February 28.