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Travel Agent Finder (TAF), the innovative platform dedicated to connecting travellers with expert travel agents, is issuing its final call for Australian travel agents to secure their complimentary profile page on the platform.

With a deadline looming, agents have only two weeks left to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance online visibility and client engagement at no cost.

Since its inception in 2021, TAF has been proactive in supporting Australian travel agents during the industry rebound. Maintaining a vision to foster industry revival, Anna Shannon, the passionate owner and operator of Travel Agent Finder, decided to offer this valuable service with a free joining option for agents.

Using her marketing skills and experience as a home-based travel agent to understand and respond to the needs of the everyday independent agency owner during this challenging time.

“TAF stemmed from a desire to help our community rebuild,” said Anna, reflecting on the platform’s purpose. “After the terrible times we’d all had, the platform was created as a pandemic passion project to help agents rebuild by elevating their visibility online. While also assisting travellers eager to explore the world once again to be able to find those experts quickly.”

TAF offers a user-friendly interface and the ability to showcase agents’ specific expertise and experiences, catering to an increasingly digital-first consumer base, who are used to searching and interacting online, while still preferring to deal with a real human over an OTA.

To date, over 800 members have joined the TAF community, benefiting from an improved digital presence and countless new client leads & bookings, thanks to the platform’s connection strategies and targeted marketing support.

The transition to a fully paid membership model represents the next phase of TAF’s growth. This evolution ensures resources are optimised to serve active, engaged members who value the platform’s offerings, leading to improved client connections and increased lead generation.

  • Existing free members will maintain their free accounts as a gesture of gratitude for their early adoption and support.
  • Agents who had previously joined but have not completed their profiles will be notified to complete their registration during this final grace period.
  • Existing paid members will still maintain their upgraded marketing features and benefits to actively grow their visibility and stand out over the free members. This will not change and those upgraded members will still be prioritised. There will continue to be multiple membership options to suit different agent needs.
  • However, for new members joining, the window to create a profile free of charge is quickly narrowing. From 12th March, agents wishing to create a profile listing will pay a yearly membership fee (tax deductible as a marketing expense for their business).

Travel agents looking to boost their digital marketing presence and tap into a proven lead generation system are encouraged to act swiftly.

The upcoming switch to a paid membership allows the platform its final leap from its original beginnings as a pandemic passion project, to a fully-fledged agent marketing support service. Continuing the expansion to become Australia’s first port of call when looking for a specialist agent and improving the platform for the various parts of the industry it serves – travellers, agents, and supplier partners.

“I want to thank the industry for the support through these pivotal launch years” Anna stated, “and I ask you to watch this space! I aim to continue to provide a valuable service in helping connect travellers, agents and supplier partners and have some new and exciting developments coming soon.”

Interested Australian travel agents are urged to visit immediately to secure their free agent profile, choose their specialist expertise and establish a presence on Australia’s only independent agent finder platform open to all, helping travellers make an informed and unbiased decision.

The two-week countdown has begun – don’t miss out on elevating your business and connecting with your ideal clients at no cost.