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Travel Agent Finder has made a significant impact in the travel industry, helping Aussie travel experts be found for their specialist knowledge online.

With a focus on visibility, Travel Agent Finder provides a marketing platform framework for expert agents to showcase their specialist knowledge online and help them build reviews and social proof.

When optimised, a travel agent’s profile page acts as a 24/7 marketing arm of their business, giving them an online presence on an unbiased, independent third-party platform, purpose built for agents to generate ideal client leads and for travellers to connect with an expert.

In the past year, Travel Agent Finder has seen over:  

  • 621,000 page views 
  • 92,000+ website visitors
  • 494,000 social media reach

Making it easier for travellers to find and connect with expert agents.

This has resulted in over 4,200 travellers being connected with an expert, generating millions in sales for the 750+ agent members across Australia.

The highest known value lead generated for one agent resulted in $232,713 of sales.

15% of agent survey respondents also report receiving offline enquiries from Travel Agent Finder. These are not trackable and are over and above these reported numbers.

One of the key features of Travel Agent Finder is its framework for agents to showcase their expertise and destination experiences. In the past year, 104 agent travel blogs, 61 special offers, and 80 photo albums have been featured, giving agents a platform to highlight their knowledge and attract ideal clients. The top viewed blog was Philip Clapé’s “Quantum of the Seas: What it’s like onboard Royal Caribbean’s Brisbane-based Cruise Ship,” with over 1,700 views since its publication in April.

In addition to featuring specialists, Travel Agent Finder also helps travel expert’s build reviews and establish social proof. In the past year, over 662 consumer reviews of agents have been submitted to the site, taking our total reviews to over 1300 on-site, helping travellers make informed decisions when choosing an expert to plan their trip.

Travel Trade Connect, our agent’s resource portal and supplier directory, has shared 328 partner updates, events, and resources with agents, serving 118 supplier and travel support business members. The highest viewed supplier update reached 352 engagements, showcasing the value of these partnerships and the success of the agent-first model, housing information for agents to source when they need it most.

See the full year impact here.

“I am so proud to have reached these incredible heights in 2023.

I have worked hard taking Travel Agent Finder from a pandemic-passion project into this incredible eco-system that helps travellers find experts, and helps agents find trade resources and niche supplier partners to best match their clients’ needs.

Having bootstrapped the business from the ground-up and operating as a solo team of one, I’m excited about what I can achieve with a team as I build additional resources to help me take things to the next level,” Owner of Travel Agent Finder, Anna Shannon, said.

As Travel Agent Finder continues to grow and make a positive impact in the travel industry, it remains committed to matching travellers with expert agents and connecting agents with niche suppliers and trade resources to help best service their clients, making travel planning easier and more enjoyable for all.