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Japan is a hot topic right now and Tokyo Tourism has teamed up with Destination Webinars for a four-part, on-demand webinar series to explore Japan’s dynamic capital.

Local Tokyo representatives Alison Roberts-Brown and Yukiko Arita share tips, News and information from suppliers on the ground to equip you with all the tools you need to sell Tokyo. From getting around, to some of the coolest new attractions and hotels, get tips on where to stay, what to see and how to make the most out of a stay in Tokyo!

Each part runs for less than 20 minutes and gives you a chance to win a $100 gift card and a special Japanese prize (four parts = four prizes). PLUS one lucky agent who watches the entire series will also WIN a $100 gift card and an AMAYA 6-piece ceremonial Japanese matcha set, valued at $240!

Simply enter your details before accessing each video and be sure to watch and enter all four parts by Friday 15th March to be in to win.



Tokyo Mini-Series: Part 1 from Destination Webinars on Vimeo.

You cannot visit the same Tokyo twice!

Well known for mixing modernity and tradition, the city is always changing in fun unpredictable ways.

Alison kicks off Part 1 with ALL the reasons why Tokyo is such a popular destination and a few insider tips you can pass onto your clients.

She then takes a virtual tour of Tokyo’s neighbourhoods, sharing the main attractions and exciting new highlights throughout the city, as well as new hotels to look forward to.

Part 1 Prize: $100 gift card & a Matcha Tea Gift Set Starter Kit
A Matcha tea gift set starter kit containing all the essential Matcha utensils you’ll need to brew the perfect bowl of Matcha. Includes a HIKARU Chawan tea bowl made in Mino Japan, a Matcha Bamboo, Bamboo Scoop in a Japanese Art Gift Box, wrapped in a Japanese furoshiki, valued at $130

Watch Part 1 here




Tokyo has one of the world’s best public transport systems and with increasing multi-lingual signage, getting around Tokyo is becoming relatively stress-free. In Part 2, Yukiko introduces how to get around Tokyo by train, subway, taxi and bicycle. She also explains getting to and from the city and Tokyo’s two major airports, Haneda and Narita, as well as the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal. All the things you need to know to help your clients get from A to B and more.

Part 2 Prize: $100 gift card & a bottle of Sake

A bottle of Ozawa Shuzo Sawanoi Tokyo Kurabito Sake from Tokyo’s oldest brewery and Lucky Cat Sake Cup with Wooden Sake Box wrapped in Japanese furoshiki, valued at $170. 

Watch Part 2 here


Tokyo has so many incredible attractions, there truly is something for everyone. In Part 3 Alison shares information and News from five Tokyo attractions that are popular with Aussie visitors. Discover teamLab Planets TOKYO (an interactive digital art museum), AirX (helicopter tours), Sky Hop Bus (city bus tours), Canyons Okutama (outdoor adventure activity) and Bic Camera (duty-free retail).

Part 3 Prize: $100 gift card & Tokyo Souvenir Set
An exciting package of goods from Tokyo, including a lucky beckoning cat, a Tokyo Tokyo tote bag and more! The maneki-neko is a type of lucky charm in the form of a cat with one arm up to beckon people, it is said to invite customers and fortune. Wrapped in a Japanese Japanese furoshiki, valued at $150.

Watch Part 3 here



There is no shortage of amazing accommodation in Tokyo, and choosing the right hotel for the right client, you will be spoilt for choice!

In this fourth and final part, Yukiko shares updates from five very different accommodation providers: Apartment Hotel MIMARU – a group of sophisticated apartment hotels in all the right locations, Far East Village Hotel Tokyo Asakusa – a newcomer offering a budget friendly, live like a local vibe, in the heart of Tokyo’s downtown.

We also learn about Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel in Shibuya, Shinjuku’s Hyatt Regency Tokyo and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, set in the tranquillity of an historic Japanese garden.

Part 4 Prize: $100 gift card & Edo Kiriko Crystal Glassware Tokyo Gift
”Edo Kiriko”, known as a traditional craft of Tokyo, has a bright indigo blue pattern and the clear glasses are made by experienced craftmen. Mr. Kozo Kawai from Tokyo’s leading traditional craft company Hirota glasscraft, has masterfully blended the traditional Edo patterns with his unique hand-cut styles. A souvenir that’s both attractive and useful! In a special box wrapped in a furoshiki, valued at $220.

Watch Part 4 here

In it to win it
The Tokyo Mini-Series is available on-demand in the Destination Webinars’ library. You have until Friday 15th March to watch and enter. Enjoy exploring Tokyo and good luck!