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WITH MORE than 100 years’ experience making holiday memories that last a lifetime, Trafalgar know a thing or two about unlocking the hidden secrets of a destination.

The culture, the people, the icons, the place.

Nothing escapes their expert eye.

But with Trafalgar, you don’t just unlock the best of the world. You unlock the best of yourself.

That’s why more than five million people have discovered the Trafalgar difference, many of whom rebook time and time again.

They’ve already learned how Trafalgar takes care of everything, leaving them to discover hidden talents, make lifelong friends and see travel from a fresh perspective.


At the start of the year, Trafalgar asked their valued past guests to share their most memorable moments from any of the company’s tours.

They received an incredible 10,570 of the most amazing and personal stories from former travellers around the world.

The Trafalgar team listened to each one of the entries and hand selected a group of winners to go on a once-in-a-lifetime tour through the Balkans in the summer.

On this tour, the group shared a lot together. Old travel stories, new friendships and a shared passion for exploring the world that binds all Trafalgar guests together.

As they laughed and cheered their way through the Balkans, Trafalgar saw first-hand exactly why their guests love their tours.


Here are some of the stories from past guests who have discovered how Trafalgar helps you tour differently.

LAWRENCE T. ‘Highlights of Spain and Portugal’

“In 2019, I submitted my DNA to discover my ancestral makeup. My results certified that I shared genetic ancestry with people in Spain and Portugal.

“As a result, my tour became not only an adventure I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, but also a tour of my ancestral journey through time. To say that this trip was special, would be a tremendous understatement. It was life changing.”


MITA D. ‘Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords’

“This stellar Tour Operator has always gone above and beyond in making our holidays a treasure chest of memories!

“We have travelled pretty much every continent except Antarctic with their sterling staff, who take you to a dizzying stratosphere of excitement with all the additional frills!”


CASSIE R. ‘Best of Egypt’

“How many people can say they got to take a dip in the Nile River…it was very cold lol.”


DOLORES D. ‘Italian Holiday’

“A photo of me with my parents in 1959 at the Trevi Fountain and a photo of me and my husband at the same place in 2018…special moments during our trip to Italy with Trafalgar. Forever memories for sure.”

ASHLINN R. ‘Best of Switzerland’

“Big bucket list check off was to see the magnificent Matterhorn. This trip gave us so much more. Incredible views, culture, food and wine experiences, imprinted lifelong memories and friendships that will forever be cherished. Thank you, Trafalgar!”


CANDACE J. ‘South America Landscapes’

“This tour was an amazing experience of culture and landscapes. There were a lot of solo female travellers and we really enjoyed bonding while on tour.

“The dinner and tango performance in Argentina was inspiring and the people of Brazil were remarkable.”


CRAIG J. ‘Grand European’

“I proposed to my partner on a romantic sunset cruise by the Eiffel Tower with our Tour Director’s help. It was the most magical moment of our lives, surrounded by the wonderful new friends we had made. We will all be reunited again when they attend our wedding next year. Thank you, Trafalgar.”


CANDY C. ‘Best of Egypt with Nile Cruise’

“I celebrated my birthday on a Nile Cruise where all the boat guests celebrated with me. The whole crew made me feel special, including the cooks with drums, everyone singing Happy Birthday in Arabic, plus a big cake on hand.

“That was one of the BEST TRIPS I ever did with Trafalgar.”


  • 53 per cent repeat guests
  • 97 per cent guest satisfaction
  • 80+ awards
  • 100+ years’ experience


There are myriad experiences available when travelling with Trafalgar and a variety of people who travel with the brand.

Touring with Trafalgar opens up the world for travellers and people who are new to the concept of group travel. But with everything taken care of, new guests will learn why so many people rebook with Trafalgar.

Through Trafalgar’s iconic destinations, one-of-a-kind experiences and local secrets, they give you the key:

  • To discovering hidden talents
  • To making lifelong friends
  • To see fresh perspectives
  • To… unlocking your best self.

So, what will you unlock?