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Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is offering a complimentary deluxe room for two children under 16 with every two adults booking between June 1 and September 15 with the resort’s ‘Kids on Us’ offer.

At prices starting from $5,500 for a family of four in two deluxe rooms for three nights, guests will save more than $5,500 for all bookings at Zulal Discovery resort made during this period.

Setting itself apart from conventional wellness retreats, Zulal places strong emphasis on family bonding with programs carefully curated to encourage quality time.

The resort offers a sustainable wellness regimen that extends far beyond its walls, empowering families with the resources to embrace a healthier, more harmonious way of living together.

Created to help foster stronger connections between generations and promote bonding, an array of curated experiences, activities and treatments are rooted in education, sports, creativity and nutrition to reinvigorate bonding as a family unit.

The retreats include a balance of fitness, nutrition and recreational activities, along with age-appropriate holistic treatments, offering something for every single family member.

A family cooking class is the ideal way for parents and kids to bond, while teaching them the importance of healthy food choices from an early age.

Younger children are encouraged to explore a range of physical activities such as a family kayaking eco-safari, agility games, dancing, nature activities and tree-hugging hunts.

Older kids can explore more structured activities like photography, swimming lessons and badminton with dynamic sessions.

Young adults have the freedom to explore a broad range of physical and mental skills to establish self-esteem and help them on a positive path to self-discovery.

Some activities include beach Olympics, Zumba, SUP and frisbee games. Creative pursuits include guitar and piano lessons and cooking classes.

Just one hour away from Doha airport, Zulal Wellness Resort is the perfect mid-way stopover destination for Australian families and friends to rejuvenate and unwind after returning from a European summer holiday.