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ONE AUSSIE city is proving to be the hot destination for solo travellers coming Down Under.

Research from Explore Worldwide has revealed the favourite destinations for those travelling alone according to Google. The company analysed two years’ worth of data to come up with their findings.

With its colourful markets, arty neighbourhoods, outdoor adventure opportunities, cultural museums and wildlife, Perth has seen a massive 400 per cent rise in online solo travel searches.

Perth is followed by Sydney, which has seen 270 per cent more online searches by people interested in visiting this popular city on their own.

Fiji places third, with Melbourne and Brisbane filling the other top five spots. Other popular spots in the top 10 include the Gold Coast, Auckland, Tasmania, Darwin and the Cook Islands.

Asian capital cities take the top spots in the overall world rankings, with Hanoi, Bangkok and Taipei emerging as the new hot spots for solo explorers.

In Europe, Zurich and Nice have seen the biggest jumps in interest for solo travellers.

“Our latest research has been an insightful journey into the evolving preferences of solo travellers across the globe,” said Ben Ittensohn, Regional Director Australia and New Zealand at Explore Travel.


“Our own booking data shows that Europe is of huge interest to Australian solo travellers, so it’s fascinating to see cities like Hanoi, Bangkok and Taipei emerging as solo hotspots among the wider travel community.

“Our study also highlights the ever-growing popularity of solo travel as a meaningful way to experience the world: it’s a powerful reminder that travel is not just about the destination, but the journey itself.

“There’s a real sense of carpe diem at the moment, with travellers choosing to seize the day and take that longed-for adventure rather than waiting for friends or family to join them.

“There is a wide world waiting to be explored and we hope our study inspires more people to embark on their own solo adventures.”


NEW RESEARCH has revealed the safest countries for a solo travel getaway in 2023.

The study by the travel and luggage experts at Bounce analysed countries across the globe on their safety index scores to reveal the best destinations for solo travellers.

Japan topped the charts with a safety index score of 76.9 out of 100. The more safety-minded adventurer will feel right at home in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Switzerland came in second with Slovenia, Croatia and Iceland rounding out the top five. South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Austria and The Netherlands completed the top 10.