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Q: Let’s start at the beginning. I believe road trips with your father were the inspiration behind your passion for exploring new cultures and meeting new people. Is that why you ended up in hospitality?

A: My father, a dedicated tourism and geography teacher, instilled in us a love for exploration during every school break. Loading up the family car, we ventured to new destinations to experience and learn about new places.

His passion for tourism and connecting with others sparked a strong interest in me pursuing this industry. Being able to live, work and experience different cultures attracted me the most.

Q: Your early career took you to Thailand and China. How was that experience and what did you learn from working abroad?

A: Throughout my studies at the International College of Hotel Management, I used the placement opportunities to immerse myself in both resort and city-style properties. It became evident I need a city heartbeat to feel fulfilled.

Experiencing those cultures provided invaluable personal growth and a broadened global perspective. Armed with this insight I transitioned into Sales & Marketing upon graduating back in Australia.

Q: What inspired you to move to The Langham in 2016?

A: Following my stints in Adelaide and Brisbane I was seeking opportunities in larger cities to develop further and The Langham Melbourne came first.

I vividly recall my initial encounter with this luxury hotel during the interview process. Its ethos of unpretentious service, full service hotel and catering to all market segments resonated with me.

The postcard Melbourne city skyline views and Melba Restaurant’s interactive dining concept won me over. Seven years on I’ve never looked back.

Q: COVID was a desperate time for everyone. How did The Langham manage the pandemic and what do you think you learned from the experience?

A: The tourism industry bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Melbourne enduring some of the lengthiest lockdowns worldwide. The Langham Melbourne, like many others, ceased operations, resulting in prolonged periods of stand-downs for most colleagues, myself included.

It was during this challenging time that I gained a deeper appreciation for the comfort derived from human connection and the sense of purpose found in work.

Returning to operation, we faced a landscape where traditional trends were no longer there. Our focus shifted towards domestic business and our relationships and partnerships became more important than ever.

Q: How do you think the hospitality industry is looking right now?

A: Despite the lingering effects of COVID-19, the heartbeat of the city has returned and foot traffic in Melbourne now surpasses pre-pandemic levels.

People’s eagerness to travel, coupled with a newfound appreciation for freedom, has reignited a passion for exploration and the pursuit of bucket-list experiences.

We’ve seen record-breaking results during Melbourne’s special events, underscoring the city’s appeal as a premier destination and this looks to continue.

Q: What kind of experience can a guest expect when staying at The Langham?

A: The Langham Melbourne is the ultimate celebration destination. This urban resort is the perfect way to experience the city, while immersed in traditional Langham hospitality.

I tell my friends to book an Executive Terrace room. With its impressive 45sqm balcony, it provides the perfect vantage point to soak in the cityscape.

Exploring the city on foot is a must and come back to unwind in Chuan Spa jacuzzi to see the cityscape at night. And no stay is complete without indulging in Melba Restaurant’s buffet breakfast with chocolate fountain and don’t forget the juice bar.

Q: Why do you think luxury travel seems to be doing so well at the moment?

A: There’s no time to wait. Delaying gratification is a luxury we can’t afford. Our appreciation for meaningful experiences has never been higher.

Whether it’s booking a family vacation, embarking on an adventure, mastering a new skill, or attending a significant event, seizing the moment has become paramount.

We’re witnessing a trend where people prioritise spending on what truly enriches their lives while scaling back on things that don’t.