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HE MAY be the ‘God of Thunder’ but it seems Aussie Chris Hemsworth also rules social media as well.

The movie superstar is the most influential Australian on Instagram, with 58.5 million followers, and could earn more than $1m per sponsored post.

A new survey by Melbourne-based SEO service Impressive analysed the Instagram followings of Australian celebrities to find how much they could earn from a single sponsored post, based on influencer pricing from Inbeat and Hootsuite.

The Thor star came in first, ahead of Perth-born actress Katherine Langford, who has more than 42 million followers. Known for her breakout performance as Hannah Baker in Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, Ms Langford could earn $737,205 per sponsored post.

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman ranks third. His 31.6 million followers could earn him $554,989 per sponsored Instagram post.

“Considering the huge screen presence and fanbase of popular actors, it is no surprise to see figures like Chris Hemsworth and Katherine Langford in the top five,” said Robert Tadros, CEO and Founder of Impressive.

“Both have also starred in successful projects on Netflix, which may have helped them to gain an even bigger following by promoting themselves on multiple platforms.”

Other Aussies that featured in the top 10 included Ruby Rose, Anne Curtis, Iggy Azalea, Youtuber Tammy Hembrow, personal trainer Kayla Itsines, actor and musician Troye Sivan, and model Miranda Kerr.

“There is a notable difference between the potential earnings at the bottom and top of the rankings, with actors and models garnering the highest brand earnings overall,” added Mr Tadros.

“Regardless, it is great to see such a variety of professions in the mix and how influential these individuals have become online from their careers.”

Bali Beach Overtravel


TOURISM LEADERS have gathered to tackle the issue of overtourism and sustainable travel at the World Economic Forum.

A panel discussion concerning the tourism industry was held at the event in Switzerland under the heading “Sorry, We’re Full: Tackling Overtourism”.

The industry is facing obstacles to sustainable travel, particularly as the rise in visitor numbers approaches pre-pandemic levels. Destinations are contending with multiple challenges, such as preserving heritage sites, combating pollution and looking after their ecosystems.

Some of the solutions put forward included Investing in high-quality tourism as a viable approach to attract visitors to less well-travelled destinations. Another strategy involves the promotion of lesser-known destinations, known as long-tail tourism.

“We need to approach the issue of overtourism with a balanced view,” commented Ms Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.Com Group, who was part of the panel.

“Destinations can become overcrowded without proper management and the overall experience suffers. It’s imperative to find ways for supply and demand to grow sustainably.

“The complex challenges of overtourism demand more than quick fixes – it will not be resolved overnight.”


AUSTRALIANS SET a record for both spend and visits to Britain during 2023 with the market now on track to exceed pre-pandemic levels.

Visitors from Australia spent £415 million (approx. $AU800m) on their trips to the UK in Q2 2023, becoming Britain’s third most valuable source market for the quarter and exceeding Q2 2019 levels by +24 per cent.

Australia also broke quarter records for the number of visits, with 308,000 Aussies travelling to Britain between April to June 2023; up +14 per cent on Q2 2019.

Our market is now forecast to be worth almost £1.5 billion (approx. $2.8 billion) to the UK economy in 2023, a growth of 25 per cent compared to 2019 in nominal terms.

“As one of Britain’s most valuable inbound markets, we’re delighted to see the pace of Australia’s recovery in spend contributing to Britain’s global recovery,” said Maria Sykes, VisitBritain’s Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand.

“We look forward to unveiling a new international campaign in Australia this year and continuing our work to support the industry, converting inspiration into bookings and inviting visitors to discover what’s new in Britain in 2024.”

VisitBritain’s GREAT Britain marketing campaigns in 2024 are set to run across Australia, France, Germany, the GCC and the U.S., inspiring visitors to ‘See Things Differently’ by showing fresh and exciting experiences.

VisitBritain’s research shows that one of the biggest drivers for visitors globally in choosing a destination is that it is a welcoming place to visit.

Tourism is one of Britain’s most successful industries, its third largest service export and a major part of British trade.

Tegan Raymont and Nathan Landers


TWO AUSTRALIAN based content creators will spearhead what is being described as an historic moment in the travel industry.

Tegan Raymont and Nathan Landers will be the faces of the ‘LA Takeover’ which launched on January 29.

The promotion is the brainchild of Zoku Travel who have partnered with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau to showcase the unique capabilities of their travel platform.

With Zoku Travel, tourism partners receive direct attribution of a creator’s travel sales on top of the content generated and engagement from their social media.

Zoku’s technology also provides creators with the tools, margins and travel products to launch and scale their own online travel business in minutes.

“With Tegan and Nathan at the forefront, two of Australia’s most talented travel creatives, this collaboration solidifies our commitment to revolutionising the travel industry,” said Vanessa Richards, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Zoku Travel.

Tegan and Nathan will explore four areas of LA, including Hollywood, Los Feliz, Venice and Redondo Beach, staying at Tommie Hollywood, Cara Hotel, Hotel Erwin and Sonesta Redondo Beach and Marina.

Their firsthand experiences and hotel stays will not only be shared with their dedicated social media followers but will be bookable through their own travel shopfronts on Zoku’s platform.

“Our partnership marks the beginning of a new era in travel, where creators take centre stage. Not only in shaping the narrative of travel exploration and discovery, but also in its distribution,” added Ms Richards.


FOR CENTURIES a ‘hidden’ kingdom, Bhutan has revealed a bold plan to make the country an economic hub of South Asia.

The King of Bhutan plans to develop the Gelephu Mindfulness City Special Administrative Region (SAR) in the south of the Kingdom.

The Gelephu Mindfulness City (GMC) masterplan proposes a low-density urban destination for business, culture and spirituality, melding Bhutanese tradition, nature and modern living.

GMC is also the gateway for tourists to the rest of Bhutan, nestled between two nature reserves – the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and Royal Manas National Park – as well as connected to Thimphu via Paro airport.

Located between mountains, forests and rivers, Bhutan stands as one of the last biodiversity hotspots in the world, with 70 per cent of the country covered in forest.

The Mindfulness City will cover an area of more than 1,000 sq. kms, which is around 2.5 per cent of the total surface area of the country.

“The Gelephu Masterplan gives form to His Majesty’s vision to create a city that becomes a cradle for growth and innovation while remaining founded on Bhutanese nature and culture,” said Bjarke Ingels, Founder and Creative Director, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, the Danish architects charged with drawing up the King’s plans.

“We imagine the Mindfulness City as a place that could be nowhere else. Where nature is enhanced, agriculture is integrated and tradition is living and breathing, not only preserved but also evolved.”

The first milestone in the SAR’s development was the groundbreaking ceremony for a new international airport, which took place on December 23, while a railway dry port is already under construction.

Bhutan is known worldwide for being a haven of pristine natural beauty, spirituality and unique cultural traditions. The SAR is the world’s ‘Modern Buddhist Lifestyle Destination’ for spirituality, wellness and rejuvenation.

Travel Insurance


A RECENT survey indicated that one in six Australians opted not to buy insurance cover on their last overseas trip.

Affordable, on-demand accidental injury cover is now available through Flip Insurance. For $80 a week, travellers can switch on Flip Roaming cover for (almost) every adventure and sport they undertake overseas.

Flip Roaming is now available to Australians travelling in Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Fiji, UK, European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway.

“Too many Aussies face the decision of risking travelling without adequate insurance cover or being forced to pay a costly sports and adventure premium,” said Zac Hancock, Head of Growth, at Flip Insurance.

“We know our customers have been eager to have the protection of Flip when overseas and we’re proud to now provide an affordable option with flexibility.”

If an accidental injury does occur, Flip Roaming customers can claim quickly and easily online or through the app.

Across all of Flip’s products, nearly half (48%) of eligible claims are paid on the same day. Customers can claim up to $20k for the costs of overseas medical care plus up to $50k additional recovery cash depending on the severity of their injury.

Paid straight into your bank account, this recovery cash can be used towards unexpected costs such as out-of-hospital medical supplies and knock-on costs like food delivery or additional transport arrangements.