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He may be the ‘God of Thunder’ but it seems Aussie Chris Hemsworth also rules social media as well.

The movie superstar is the most influential Australian on Instagram, with 58.5 million followers, and could earn more than $1m per sponsored post.

A new survey by Melbourne-based SEO service Impressive analysed the Instagram followings of Australian celebrities to find how much they could earn from a single sponsored post, based on influencer pricing from Inbeat and Hootsuite.

The Thor star came in first, ahead of Perth-born actress Katherine Langford, who has more than 42 million followers. Known for her breakout performance as Hannah Baker in Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, Ms Langford could earn $737,205 per sponsored post.

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman ranks third. His 31.6 million followers could earn him $554,989 per sponsored Instagram post.

“Considering the huge screen presence and fanbase of popular actors, it is no surprise to see figures like Chris Hemsworth and Katherine Langford in the top five,” said Robert Tadros, CEO and Founder of Impressive.

“Both have also starred in successful projects on Netflix, which may have helped them to gain an even bigger following by promoting themselves on multiple platforms.”

Other Aussies that featured in the top 10 included Ruby Rose, Anne Curtis, Iggy Azalea, Youtuber Tammy Hembrow, personal trainer Kayla Itsines, actor and musician Troye Sivan, and model Miranda Kerr.

“There is a notable difference between the potential earnings at the bottom and top of the rankings, with actors and models garnering the highest brand earnings overall,” added Mr Tadros.

“Regardless, it is great to see such a variety of professions in the mix and how influential these individuals have become online from their careers.”

The survey was released just days after Zoku Travel announced they were using content creators Tegan Raymont and Nathan Landers to spearhead their “revolutionary” new travel business.

The pair’s firsthand travel experiences will be instantly bookable via Zoku’s technology platform.