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Q: What are your earliest memories of Rocky Mountaineer and the company your father Peter founded?

A: I was four years old when my father got the call to say he had been successful in the bid to acquire the rail service that we now know as Rocky Mountaineer.

I really did grow up with the company; it was truly a large part of our lives. From that phone call to the inaugural train journey three weeks later, it was a flurry of activity.

Peter called on family and friends to help staff that first train. I remember them renting tuxedos as we did not have team uniforms yet.

Hearing stories from that first trip, there were a lot of things to work out, but everyone knew the train was going to become something special.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to continue your father’s legacy and did you ever consider a different career path?

A: Rocky Mountaineer is a family business. My father may have started the business, but my sisters, Ashley and Chelsea, and I have been a part of it for as long as I can remember. My mom and aunts even worked onboard the train.

While I have worked in different roles in the hospitality, real estate and private equity sectors for my professional and personal development, I have never been far from Rocky Mountaineer.

Q: Is there any extra pressure on you being the founder’s son and having to take the business into the future?

A: I don’t believe there is any more pressure on me than there would be for someone else in this role.

We have an incredible team that provides an exemplary experience for our guests and our entire leadership team is whole-heartedly committed to nurturing the engaging and rewarding workplace culture they deserve.

That said, Rocky Mountaineer is my family’s legacy and I personally feel the full weight of the commitment to steer this company for future generations.

Q: You’ve been on the board since 2016 but what will you bring to the role of CEO?

A: Taking on the CEO role over the past three months has deepened my knowledge of the business and enabled me to connect more with our team members. I have really valued that opportunity and I am passionate in continuing to nurture our team culture.

I am also looking forward to being even more involved in connecting with our partners and delivering an exceptional service for our guests.

Rocky Mountaineer is a life-long passion for me and my family. To become the CEO and build on this family legacy is truly an honour and a privilege.

Q: Why do you think the Rocky Mountaineer has been so successful?

A: Over the past 34 years much has changed for Rocky Mountaineer but there have been two steady constants.

First, our unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. And second, the amazing people I am fortunate to work alongside.

Our team members, past and present, have helped shape Rocky Mountaineer and we would not be the business we are without them.

Q: What can guests expect from a trip on your luxury train?

A: Rocky Mountaineer is a must-do travel experience that offers unparalleled journeys onboard our glass-dome train coaches.

These journeys are truly memorable thanks to the incredible natural scenery, delicious cuisine, attentive service and friendly, social atmosphere.

We travel through some of the most spectacular scenery North America has to offer and we pride ourselves on giving our guests the trip of a lifetime.

Q: How important is the Australian market to Rocky Mountaineer?

A: The Australian market had an integral role in building Rocky Mountaineer into the business we are.

In the early days of the business, our trade partners in Australia believed in Peter’s vision and helped to grow brand awareness and raise Rocky Mountaineer’s profile. Without these partners, those first several years would not have gone as well as they did.

Australia continues to be a core market for us. Last year, 14% of guests on our Canadian routes came from Australia. We have a long history of welcoming Australians onboard and we look forward to welcoming many more in the years to come.

Q: Can you reveal any future initiatives you’re planning on introducing?

A: We launched our newest route, ‘Rockies to the Red Rocks’, in August 2021, which is a two-day rail route in the USA that connects Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah.

We are focused on growing awareness and interest in this new route, while continuing to attract travellers to our routes in Western Canada.

We hope those who have travelled with us in Canada will now join us for another Rocky Mountaineer experience on this new route in a truly spectacular region.

Q: Finally, do you hope your own children will continue the family legacy one day?

A: Our family is committed to passing Rocky Mountaineer on to future generations. I see it as my personal mission to care for the company until the third generation can step in to lead it forward by continuing to innovate the business while staying true to our commitment of providing a premium guest experience and strong and rewarding culture for our team members.