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PELIKIN HAVE just launched a new incentive for agents signing up to their affiliate program.

The promotion gives agents the chance to win up to $1,000 to spend on their own Pelikin travel money card and weekly $50 spot prizes until the end of March.

The first digital travel money card in Australia, Peilikin now comes with 23 currency wallets, including newly added Fijian Dollars and Mexican Pesos.

Pelikin have also added the ability for a client to order two physical cards to use with the same app, meaning couples or a family can spend from the same account.

Agents also earn affiliate commission on any student/youth card purchases made on the Pelikin app.

“Having agents out there not only offering this to their clients, but also using it for their own travel has given us the chance to get that first-hand experience and ensure we continue to improve our product offering,” said Sam Brown, Pelikin CEO/Founder.

The company have also brought back their recent cashback promotion where any clients travelling can receive two per cent cashback on all money spent overseas on a range of common travel spending items such as food, drinks and transport.