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Great food is an important part of any overseas holiday and a new survey has revealed which cities serve the best grub worldwide.

Titan Travel have released a ranking of the 10 best foodie destinations for 2024 by analysing Tripadvisor cuisine data, dietary variety and Michelin-star ratings.

Not surprisingly, Paris was crowned the world’s gastronomy hotspot, with a foodie score of 9.93 out of 10. The French capital outshone other cities for its fine dining eateries (6.75 per km2) and Michelin-star establishments (4.65 per km2).

Paris also caters to vegetarianism more than any other city in the study, with 37.47 restaurants per km2.

The Spanish city of Barcelona ranked second, scoring 9.64 out of 10. It scored highly for its array of child-friendly restaurants (37.40 per km2) and is also home to the most vegan restaurants (16.11 per km2), perhaps a surprise given the widespread use of meats and cheese in traditional Catalan dishes.

The seaside city of Miami rounded off the top three, placing consistently across all categories to record a foodie score of 9.00 out of 10. It performed particularly well for the number of available child-friendly restaurants (13.46 per km2) and vegetarian restaurants (9.14 per km2).

The United States was home to three of the world’s best foodie cities (Miami, New York and Las Vagas) while Tokyo was crowned the city that offered the world’s most diverse variety of cuisines.

The top 10 rankings were:

1. Paris

2. Barcelona

3. Miami

4. Amsterdam

5. Taipei

6. Denpasar

7. Kuala Lumpur

8. New York

9. London

10. Las Vegas