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Traveltalk has been given more than just a lick of paint, with an entire new engine installed and ready to power up as the industry goes up a gear in 2024.

“Readers will find that switching between our news and magazine articles is seamless and that all the information they need is at their fingertips,” said Jenny Evans, Publisher & Managing Director of Traveltalk.

Jon Underwood, who has been the Managing Editor of Traveltalk since 2013 is very excited about the change. Despite having to learn a new thing or two!

“Australia’s only travel trade magazine has a new look that’s fresh, funky and full of features.

“There will be more first-hand reviews from our talented writers on hotels, airlines, cruise ships and attractions, giving you eye-witness accounts you can trust,” Underwood said.

“We know that the way people access their information has changed dramatically since TT first appeared in 1979. As an industry leader, we need to keep up with the times so this change brings us bang up to date with 2024 technology.

“Our fantastic content will be more accessible across all our platforms.

“Our readers will be entertained, informed and engaged even more than before,” he said.

“Traveltalk is moving to a more feature-based style with in-depth stories about the people and places that our readers want to know about.

“With the design changes we have in place it will be so much easier for our loyal readers to access vital information at home, at work or on their phone.”

Publisher & Sales Director Jenny Rowland, said she liked the bold style of the new design.

“It’s brighter and bolder! It’s easier to read and navigate as everything will be housed in one portal giving our loyal readers one place to discover everything that’s new and interesting in the travel industry”