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About Traveltalk

Traveltalk is a multi award-winning, easy-to-read travel news magazine that has been a familiar sight on the desks of travel agencies across the country for thirty years.

Written by experienced nationally and internationally-based journalists, every month, Traveltalk delivers industry news, perspectives on travel and tourism issues, features on international and Australian destinations, and cruise, property and special themed reports, to every travel agency in Australia, with the aim of providing them with information and insights that will help them better sell and service their travelling clients.

Traveltalk’s core reader group is made up of front counter travel sellers but is widely read by wholesalers, accommodation suppliers, carriers and the travel and tourism industry in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

It is Australia’s only travel trade magazine with a trade and consumer readership. Four ‘bumper’ editions each year (March, June, September and December) are published in a ‘consumer friendly’ format and are available for purchase in newsagencies across Australia.

Traveltalk has celebrated significant and sustained growth in recent years, proudly achieving and retaining its number one position as Australia’s highest circulating travel industry magazine.


Jenny Rowland – Publisher/Sales Director

Jenny Rowland started out in ad sales in Yellow Pages in the UK and has worked in mags, newspapers and directories in the UK, Middle East and now her home here in Australia. Jenny describes herself as a mad music- and dog-loving (Pointer Publishing is named after her obsession with German Short haired Pointers!!) globetrotter. 


Jenny Megan Evans - Publisher / Managing Director

Jenny has a background in IT development and loves travel. Having also hailed from the UK, Jenny has lived in Singapore and settled in Australia in 2002. 

Jenny & Jenny are great friends having met through their dogs. Jenny joined Traveltalk in 2021 and is enjoying the new challenges and opportunities of working in the travel industry.

Jon Underwood – Managing Editor - Print

Jon is a journalist with more than 30 years experience. He has worked for the Daily Mail in the UK, as a TV producer for Seven and Ten and editor of Golf Vacations. He is now delighted to be Managing Editor of Traveltalk, working for skilled publishers who actually understand their audience and can deliver a quality product that is the leader in the field.


Gaya Avery – Managing Editor - Digital

Gaya's first foray into travel writing involved a stack of postcards and stolen hotel pens. She was seven and on a mission. Some forty countries later, she's loving travelling with Traveltalk and while she no longer sends postcards, she’s still stealing pens.


Mark Harada - Digital Editor

A tower of bento boxes; burning incense; hands and eyes sore from Game & Watches: Mark’s memories of his first trip to his father’s homeland, Japan, are vague. But they instilled in him a passion to explore. He’s still exploring, but with a notebook and camera in hand too.

Vanessa Pribil - Production Manager

Vanessa dreamed of working in magazines when she was a teenager, imagining herself illustrating for Dolly! After a Design degree she travelled, and found herself working for newspapers in Hong Kong and designing the Thai Airways, in-house magazine. Since then, she's been enjoying designing niche publications from Perth, including the wonderful Traveltalk.

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