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APT reaffirmed its dedication to social responsibility by donating $6,000 to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation during exclusive educational sessions held at their head office on April 23rd. The sessions, led by Blue Dragon Founder and CEO Michael Brosowski, shed light on the critical work undertaken by the foundation to combat human trafficking and aid survivors.

During the sessions, attendees – which included APT staff, the APT Board of Directors and APT co-owner Robert McGeary – were privileged to hear breaking news of a recent successful rescue mission led by Blue Dragon. Dinh, a trafficking survivor, was liberated and joyfully reunited with her two young sons. However, the family’s immediate need for adequate shelter became apparent, as following their traumatic ordeal, they are residing in a makeshift bamboo hut in Vietnam that is situated in an area characterised by a climate akin to that of Mt Buller, translating to freezing temperatures.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, APT’s OneTomorrow initiative promptly donated $5,000 towards the construction of a new home for Dinh and her children, ensuring they have a safe and secure living environment. APT donated an additional $1,000 following the educational sessions to ensure the new home for Dinh’s family was fully covered by the donation.

Robert McGeary, co-owner of APT, expressed pride in supporting Blue Dragon’s essential work, stating, “Blue Dragon’s relentless dedication to rescuing survivors and providing them with essential support is nothing short of inspiring. We are deeply honoured to stand alongside them in their mission and contribute to their cause.”

In a remarkable display of efficiency, the Blue Dragon team wasted no time in mobilising resources following the donation. Within three hours, they liaised with local authorities to secure land and initiate construction on the new home, highlighting the immediate impact of charitable contributions in transforming the lives of trafficking survivors.

Michael Brosowski was thrilled by the immediate action facilitated on the day, saying, “We value our partnership with APT because it’s built on shared values and work ethics. We are both driven by a simple philosophy: ‘Just get things done.’ Together, we’re not just talking about making a difference; we’re making it happen.”

Michael Brosowski’s visit to the APT headquarters provided staff members with invaluable insights into Blue Dragon’s frontline efforts and announced the 2024 Blue Dragon Walk in Melbourne (and globally) on Sunday 8th September.