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Cathay Pacific is excited to bring customers a whole new curation of “Hong Kong Flavours” to enjoy, as part of the airline’s extended collaboration with Michelin-starred Hong Kong restaurant, Duddell’s.

Following the successful launch of its partnership with Duddell’s in February 2023, Cathay Pacific is delighted to once again work with the esteemed restaurant to present the next iteration of menus showcasing authentic Cantonese and regional Chinese specialties along with refined classic comfort dishes.

These are available to customers travelling in First and Business class on selected long-haul flights departing from Hong Kong.

The latest menus are amongst a series of collaborations with acclaimed local restaurants and brands that deliver on Cathay Pacific’s commitment to provide customers with thoughtfully curated dining experiences in the air.

“‘Hong Kong Flavours’ is a stalwart in the Cathay Pacific dining proposition, as it not only showcases some of our home city’s most beloved and iconic dishes, but also represents our ambition to connect Hong Kong with the world through these culinary creations,” Cathay Pacific General Manager Customer Experience and Design Vivian Lo said.

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Duddell’s, who shares our passion for food and commitment to elevating Hong Kong’s culinary scene, and no detail has been spared in the curation of these new inflight menus.

“Together, we aim to provide our customers with an unforgettable culinary experience centred around authentic local delights delivered with warm, attentive service.”

JIA Group Chief Executive Officer Yenn Wong said: “We are delighted to continue this special partnership with Cathay Pacific showcasing our Hong Kong flavours by Chef Chan and his team.

Braised pork ribs with hawthorn sauce and green apples


We want all the travellers who are visiting our city to also dine well whilst at 30,000 feet in the sky with Duddell’s. We thank Cathay Pacific for this continuous opportunity to let us present Chapter 2 of our new dishes and menus for passengers.”

First class 

First class customers can begin their culinary journey by enjoying an appetiser of crystal pork terrine with black vinegar , which is inspired by a specialty dish from Zhenjiang in China’s Jiangsu province.

This refined appetiser is made with pork knuckle that has been cured, boiled, pressed and thinly sliced, then topped with a sweet and tangy sauce made with aged Chinese black vinegar.

Moving on, customers can choose from a variety of exquisite main courses. The sautéed abalone and chicken with Sichuan pepper and crispy greens  is our take on a traditional Chiu Chow dish.

It features moist and tender abalone and chicken sautéed with Sichuan peppercorns, soy sauce and fish sauce. The dish is accompanied by delicate steamed winter melon rolls and deliciously fragrant salted fish and vegetable rice.

Tofu pudding with red bean


The steamed cod fillets with Chinese ham and shiitake mushrooms presents velvety steamed cod layered with slices of Chinese ham and mushrooms, creating a luxurious texture and combination of flavours.

The meal concludes with the black sesame tart with tofu ice cream, which draws inspiration from the popular Chinese sweet black sesame soup.

This delectable dessert showcases an enticingly nutty and toasty black sesame mousse in shortcrust pastry accompanied by light and creamy tofu ice cream, offering simple yet comforting flavours.

Business class

Business class customers can also indulge in a gastronomic journey.

The Sichuan-style poached chicken with sesame and chilli sauce, also known as “saliva chicken”, is a starter that showcases lightly poached chicken laced with a rich and complex sauce infused with sesame and red chilli, providing spicy, fresh, fragrant and tender flavours all at once.

Crystal pork terrine with black vinegar

The main dishes have been thoughtfully crafted, and one of the key highlights is braised pork ribs with hawthorn sauce and green apples.

This dish stars tender pieces of fried pork ribs coated in a sweet, tangy and luscious sauce made with fresh hawthorn berries and a touch of apple cider vinegar. Another option is the hearty braised beef ribs with port wine that is perfect for the winter season.

The beef ribs are slowly cooked with port and tomato paste, resulting in a tender and delectable dish. The inclusion of celery and carrots adds a slightly crunchy texture and subtly sweet flavour, cutting through the richness of the meat and creating a harmonious balance.

Tofu pudding with red bean will be a lovely addition to complete the dining experience.

This light and dreamy dessert consists of silky smooth pudding boasting a deep, rich aroma of soy beans, topped with soft and sweet azuki red beans sourced from Hokkaido.