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Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Oceania has launched its Find Yourself in Singapore campaign – the first Australian campaign under the Board’s global Made in Singapore banner.

Spearheaded by Australian comedian Jimmy Rees on Instagram and TikTok, this social campaign aims to showcase Singapore’s rich experiences with a (mini) twist.

Audiences will get to follow a 3D printed miniature figurine of Rees to iconic locations around the city, where the comedian will invite Australians who have never been to Singapore to share their reasons for wanting to visit.

Six lucky participants will then be selected to win a trip to Singapore and have miniature figurines of themselves made, which will then be placed at various locations around Singapore, so they can literally find themselves (and their mini-me) there.

With clues provided by Jimmy, the rest of Australia can also get a chance to win Singapore-inspired prizes if they correctly guess where the figurines are and why they want to visit that location.

“We know Australians love Singapore, and many feel they already know it well. Hence, we want our Find Yourself in Singapore campaign to showcase the destination in a fun and unexpected way, and kickstart conversations among Aussies who haven’t been to Singapore as well as those who have, as they get in on the fun to guess the locations.

In doing so, we hope it inspires them to move Singapore to the top of their travel list!” said Oliver Chong, Executive Director, International Group & Oceania.

Like the competition winners, Rees will follow his mini-me to visit Singapore for the first time, and experience the destination first-hand.

“I have heard so many amazing things from friends who have visited Singapore, from how clean the city is to how important it is to eat from as many restaurants and hawker centres as you can. Yet I’ve somehow never left Changi Airport!

So, when I was asked to work on this campaign with the Singapore Tourism Board, only one answer made sense to me because I’m sure there are a lot of Aussies out there just like me,” said Rees.