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Travel agents are being urged to use a quick and efficient booking system that can make them look like “rock stars”.

Entire Travel Group has just wrapped up its inaugural three-city ‘Showcase and Soiree’ with some 600 agents attending events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. 

The advisors met with 37 suppliers from around the world in a networking and business initiative ETG Managing Director Brad McDonnell hopes will become an annual fixture on the travel calendar.

“We felt there was a gap in the industry, particularly at this time of the year when it’s the peak booking period, and it’s also a great opportunity for our partners to get access to the full industry,” Mr McDonnell told Traveltalk.

“The overwhelming feedback we’ve had from the agents is for it to be an annual event. They’ve loved it and our partners are really happy with a lot of the engagement they’ve had.

“We want to build something bigger and better for the trade. It’s just the difference we’re able to offer because of the position of Entire Travel Group.”

Mr McDonnell used the Sydney event to highlight the speed and efficiency of ETG’s online booking portal which they’ve spent two years building and which contains more than 500 customisable packages.

“We’ve got full details of the packages, the inclusions, the itineraries and this is all built for agents. They can also access 24/7 real time pricing which is key for these packages. It could not be easier for them.

Greg McCallum (left), Sales and Marketing Director, and Brad McDonnell, Managing Director, Entire Travel Group


“I think after COVID the trade were looking to the supply sector to deliver more flexibility and this is a big part of that. We are a business that listens and we have never been more easy to work with.”

“We want travel agents to look like rock stars in front of their clients,” added Greg McCallum, Sales & Marketing Director for ETG. “We’re the conduit between the two. We provide the expertise because agents can’t know about the whole world.”

“Our history goes back 50 years so when they work with us, they’re unlocking the relationships that we’ve built up over those years,” added McDonnell.

“We’re now getting chased by destinations to launch, which is great, but we’re not trying to be all things to all people. Service is paramount to what we want to achieve.”

Responding to a question from Traveltalk, Mr McDonnell predicted a bright future for Australia’s travel agents.

“We all know there’s a lot less travel agents servicing a lot of business. But the gun agents are still here and they’re awesome, they’re good at what they do. The efficient ones realise that by partnering with us we can help them be even better.”

Next year’s ETG Showcase and Soiree has been pencilled in for February 11, 12 and 13.