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Danielle Galloway (pictured), Global Managing Director of Luxury Travel Collection

The Luxury Travel Collection plans to expand its reach globally, with its next sights set on New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada.

That was the message from Danielle Galloway, Global Managing Director of the Luxury Travel Collection (LTC), at their official launch in Sydney last night.

Ms Galloway told the audience of partners, suppliers and media that they were aiming to become “the luxury house of travel” and that Flight Centre boss Graham “Skroo” Turner was right behind the new venture.

“Skroo is very passionate about opening up the world for those who want to see it,” Ms Galloway said.

“He’s incredibly proud of what we’re doing in the independent space and bringing in other luxury leaders into the family and creating something that is not just led from flights and a travel group but is actually led from the leaders that are in this room tonight and that membership will continue to grow.

“But that growth pathway won’t just be from additional members, it will also be from additional acquisitions as well as whole stack of other partnerships.”

Ms Galloway revealed that the loyalty market would be at the epicentre of their business along with “exceptional” events, such as their Luxury Travel & Cruise event on the Gold Coast on February 25.

“We really want to ensure that we’ve got some really good investments and acquisitions in the luxury space and as you know Flight Centre is now well and truly onboard with luxury.

“He (Turner) is definitely opening up dollars for high investment in the luxury space.”

The LTC is by invitation only with the seven foundation members officially joining the organisation on December 1 last year.

“We are incredibly privileged to have our foundational brands, which are now selling over a billion dollars’ worth of luxury sales, which is something to be incredibly proud of.

“They are distinctive in every way and they run incredible businesses and are a perfect fit for luxury house. We are incredibly excited that you’re on this journey with us.”

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