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Families across Australia and the world will be the main targets of the biggest campaign in a decade from Tourism & Events Queensland (TEQ).

Launching on June 2 and running until September 30, the promotion will aim at the home market plus New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore.

The campaign aims to drive intention and then conversion into booked Queensland holidays and will be delivered across four pillars:

# A major PR launch moment to drive mass reach.

#  A global competition to win an EPIC Queensland prize will drive campaign engagement and additional awareness of Queensland’s destinations and experiences.

# Destination marketing with Queensland’s 13 regions.

#  Conversion through trade and aviation partnerships.

It is anticipated that the campaign will help support visitor growth to reach targets of an additional 1.3 million holiday visitors to Queensland who are estimated to spend an additional $1.7 billion by June 2025.

The initiative will also drive significant interest in partner packages and airline bookings – resulting in booked Queensland holidays that provide an opportunity for tourism businesses to build on.

TEQ’s campaign will highlight the state’s 13 tourism destinations and a variety of famous and lesser-known Queensland experiences that appeal to the family segment.