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Nuclear power could be the answer to solving the airline industry’s emissions problem with stations dotted around the Australian coastline.

That was the solution to make air travel greener suggested by Emirates president Sir Tim Clark during a visit to Australia.

Sir Tim said engine technology had started to emerge that could help the airline industry cut its emissions, according to an article in the Financial Review.

“I honestly believe that if we are going to find an alternative source of fuel it has to be based on green hydrogen and synthetic fuels,” he is quoted as saying.

“Modular nuclear reactors around the coastlines of Australia or the United Kingdom would give you the power to drive the processes that allow you to extract green hydrogen.

“Everybody says great idea but don’t put one near me. The coastline of Australia is large and it is not well populated. Perfect.”

Several airlines, including Emirates, Qantas and Virgin, have committed to making air travel carbon neutral by 2050.

Emirates is currently running tests on sustainable aviation fuel that is made from cooking oil, fats, crops and agricultural waste.