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Tens of thousands of Australians who visited the former Bellingham Maze on the Sunshine Coast in the 1990s and 2000s would remember the large Dutch windmill that stood prominently overlooking the maze complex.

Times changed and Bellingham Maze’s windmill stopped turning and was in desperate need of revitalisation when Adam and Robyn Cheshire came along and bought the property and began a multi-million dollar transformation of the park into Amaze World, which was unveiled in 2022 after the first stage of a five-year renaissance program.

And what an A-maze-ing transformation it has been, culminating in the re-launch of the 13 metre high Dutch windmill. With its completion, those driving along Tanawha Tourist Drive will once again be able to marvel at the sight of the majestic windmill with its spinning blades and new vibrant nighttime lighting.

The windmill renovation project was part of a larger investment in modernising and expanding Amaze World, which has seen the addition of new mazes, puzzles, playgrounds, mini-golf and augmented reality experiences inside the venue, along with enhanced dining and group facilities.

“We are thrilled to unveil the rejuvenated windmill to our visitors,” said Adam Cheshire, owner of the award-winning Amaze World. “It’s not just a renovation; it’s a celebration of history and community. This iconic structure holds a special place in the hearts of Sunshine Coast locals and tourists alike, and we’re delighted to breathe new life into it.”

Robyn Cheshire, owner of Amaze World, added, “The windmill has always been a symbol of adventure and discovery for those travelling through the Sunshine Coast. We’re excited to welcome both new and returning guests to experience the magic of Amaze World and its iconic windmill.“

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