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Infinity Holidays is launching their Sell the Worldcampaign with dozens of packages for holidays around the globe, all fully-customisable andpacked with perks for your travellers.

The best bit? Agents can earn up to 4% extracommission on all hotels booked as part of the packages! 

“We’re showcasing the best packages and itineraries from around the world that there is tooffer”, says General Manager James Whiting. 

“Plus, we’re rewarding our agents with up to 4% extra commission on all accommodationbooked as part of the campaign. We really want to show agents how easy-to-use ourbooking platform – Helio – is; how customisable our packages are; and how simple it is tosee how much commission you’ll earn on a booking.” 

“We’ve put a lot of work into building a platform that allows agents to easily book pre-builtitineraries – with customisation wherever a traveller needs it, from dates and times, to flights,transfers, activities, tours, accommodation and car hire.

It’s all really simple to do throughHelio, and now agents can explore our packages through the collections that display on theHelio dashboard, meaning they’re easy to find, easy to book and always dynamic.” 

Agents can earn extra commission on hotels booked through packages from 1 February to31 March 2024, with travel dates before 1 September 2024. 

Visit for more information.