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A Jetstar aircraft has slid off the runway at Christchurch Airport in New Zealand.

The incident happened just before 8am local time on Friday morning.

Freelance Journalist Diana Clement, a passenger onboard the flight spoke to Radio New Zealand and said everyone onboard was “a bit shaky.”

“We swerved off the runway onto the grass then swerved violently back onto the runway before coming to a halt across the main runway.”

In a video shared online, the pilot of the flight can be heard explaining what he believed happened. He says everything appeared normal until the plane was on the runway.

However, Clement told RNZ some passengers reported hearing and odd noise earlier in the flight and just before landing.

There have been no reports of injuries, but arrivals and departures have been delayed or cancelled.

The incident involved JQ225 from Auckland to Christchurch.

Jetstar told Traveltalk the aircraft was eventually moved to a gate.

“After landing in Christchurch, the aircraft experienced a steering issue, causing it to veer on the runway at low speed and onto the grass.

“There were no injuries to passengers or crew. The aircraft was towed to the gate and all passengers disembarked. 

“We’re working with Airbus and relevant authorities to investigate what happened.

“We understand this may have been a difficult experience for our customers and we thank everyone onboard for their cooperation,” the airline said.