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A man has been arrested after opening the emergency door of an airplane and walking on to the wing…but his fellow passengers say he’s a hero.

The incident happened in Mexico last week after a Guatemala City-bound plane had been stuck for three hours on the tarmac without air conditioning or water for the passengers.

According to a report on, the other passengers aboard the Aeromexico flight wrote a joint statement following his arrest, saying the man had everyone’s support.

“All passengers on the flight from CDMX [Mexico City] to Guatemala [flight] AM 0672 state that the passenger on board who opened the emergency window was for the protection of everyone, with the support of everyone, since the delay and lack of air created dangerous conditions for the health of the passengers. He saved our lives.” the statement read.

Mexico International Airport said no harm had been caused, but that the passenger had been handed to police. The delay was due to a maintenance issue.

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