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A man has been killed after being sucked into the engine of a passenger jet while working on the aircraft.

The engine on the right wing of the Boeing plane was turned on for a test check with the cover flaps open, according to a report on

Technician Abolfazl Amiri was doing routine maintenance work when the accident occurred at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran.

Amiri, who realised he had forgotten a tool near the engine, went towards the turbine before getting sucked in, Bild reports.

The engine reportedly caught fire and emergency responders were later called in to complete the gruesome task of recovering Amiri’s remains.

In May a person was killed by a running plane engine at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport while an airport worker was also killed in similar circumstances at San Antonio International Airport in Texas last year.

The Iranian Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into the incident.