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DriveAway has launched a new campaign designed to inspire travellers to uncover the beauty and diversity of destinations across the UK, Europe and Ireland.

The “Brit-Euro Blitz: Explore the UK, Europe & Ireland” campaign promises to celebrate discovery, culture and adventure.

The initiative comes in response to a surge in popularity for destinations across these destinations, with year-to-date increases averaging around 30%.

Notably, cities such as London, Dublin, Rome, Barcelona and Catania have seen volume increases of up to 90%, signalling a growing interest among travellers to explore these vibrant locales.

“We are thrilled to launch the ‘Brit-Euro Blitz’ campaign, offering our travel agents and their customers the opportunity to explore the enchanting destinations of the UK, Europe, and Ireland,” said Nathan Baber, National Sales Manager at DriveAway.

“With the surge in interest and positive feedback from travellers, we are confident that this campaign will inspire individuals to embark on unforgettable adventures and create cherished memories.”

As part of the campaign, DriveAway has introduced the interactive ‘Which Road Trip Are You? UK, Europe & Ireland Edition’ questionnaire, allowing participating travel agents to win prizes.

In addition to the questionnaire, DriveAway is also offering exclusive deals across these destinations for travel advisors.