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According to expert meteorologists, in 2024 the sun will be at its peak activity in over a decade of its solar cycle, making it the optimal time to see the stunning array of captivating colours of the aurora borealis.  

Recent research from the global travel marketplace Skyscanner shows that 75% of Australians plan to travel more or the same in 2024, and 35% will spend more on trips this year. With that in mind, the company put together some information to help Aussies tick this amazing experience off the bucket list.   

The best time to see the aurora is wintertime in the far Northern hemisphere – and there’s still time to jump on a last minute offer to enjoy this one-in-a-lifetime experience between now and April.  

“While you can never be promised to be lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, this year is said to be one of your best chances to experience this natural wonder. As the best period to see the lights is between September and April, why not take a spontaneous trip to the northern hemisphere and take advantage of this once in a decade opportunity?” Skyscanner Travel Expert Jarrod Kris said. 

Skyscanner recommends travelling to:  

  • Norway – Sydney to Oslo return in April from $1,689 

    Famous for its dramatic landscape of glaciers and mountains meeting the fjords, Norway offers a breathtaking view by day and a colourful sky by night. Aurora hunters will find in Tromso one of the best places in the world to see the lights. 

  • Finland – Melbourne to Helsinki return in April from $1,510 

    Known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” due to its 187,888 of them, why not witness the aurora borealis by boat and get a unique perspective? Then warm up by trying a famous Finnish Sauna, said to have been invented over 2000 years ago. Helsinki is a great starting point for a journey up to Kiruna, in the far north, where visitors are likelier to see the phenomena. 

  • Sweden – Sydney to Stockholm return in April from $1,416 

    Sweden has much to offer the explorer, including the incredible chance to stay at the world-famous Icehotel. Try cross-country skiing or go dog sledging and explore the dense forests covering almost 70% of Sweden. After a long day in the snow, what could be better than sleeping under the beautiful aurora borealis?  

  • Scotland, Isle of Skye – Perth to Glasgow return in April from $1,602 

    A small but proud country, Scotland offers the chance for you to visit the cultural city of Glasgow one day and drive up in under five hours to the gorgeous and remote Outer-Hebrides. While you’re there, share a dram of Whiskey with the Gaelic-speaking locals and explore the untouched white sandy beaches.   

*All prices are accurate as of 23rd Feb 2024 and all pricing examples are subject to change