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Aussies are world famous for being an easy-going bunch but it seems our patience is often pushed to the limit during a flight.

A new survey claims that millions of us have experienced bad behaviour from other passengers while in the air – with screaming kids the biggest bugbear.

The Finder research shows that 66% of Australians have had an unpleasant experience while flying.

The most common complaint is screaming children, with nearly half (44%) of travellers having experienced this, while getting your seat kicked comes a close second (40%).

Some 30% of Aussies have had passengers in front put their seat back during meal times. Hygiene issues are another major complaint with a quarter (26%) having had other passengers remove their shoes and 20% sitting near someone with an odour problem.

“Travel is hectic enough without the added stress of a bad plane trip,” commented Gary Ross Hunter, insurance expert at Finder.

“You can’t always control unpleasant plane neighbours but there are steps you can take to make your trip less stressful.

“Preparing a travel checklist of things like noise cancelling headphones, a good pillow and adequate travel insurance can make travelling a little easier.”