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A man has been arrested and released on bail after being accused of assaulting a co-pilot.

According to a report on, the attack took place when the officer announced further delays to the passenger’s flight, which had already been delayed for 10 hours.

A video capturing the moment when the man lunged at the co-pilot as he made the announcement onboard the plane has since gone viral.

The attack on an IndiGo airlines flight comes as heavy fog causes travel chaos in Delhi.

Hundreds of flights have been delayed at one of the country’s busiest airports and furious passengers have taken to social media to criticise authorities for lack of communication.

Another video posted on social media shows passengers eating while sitting on the tarmac at Mumbai airport where their flight from Goa to Delhi had been diverted after hours of delay.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte said she and her co-passengers were locked inside an aerobridge at Mumbai airport for hours on Saturday without access to water and toilets.

The fog has been exacerbated this year by other factors including parking shortages due to grounded aircraft and a runway being shut for maintenance. Several trains have also been cancelled.