Are you a whiz at the Traveltease quiz?

We've lovingly prepared another batch of cunning travel related questions for you to tackle this week. See if you can summon up a little magic to get that elusive perfect score. Good luck!

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Which airline is set to make its debut flight to Australia in March?*
In which Indian state will you find the Stupa of Sanchi?*
Waipoua is one of earth’s oldest forests. Where is it?*
Heredia, Puerto Viejo and Tamarindo are all towns in which country?*
The Patras Carnival takes place in which country?*
Where will you find the Hadal zone?*
In what year did Rome become the capital of Italy, replacing Florence?*
Caroline Mikkelsen is reputed to be the first woman to do what?*
Viktor Orban is the Prime Minister of which European country?*
Golfer Rory McIlroy just won a tournament for a record fourth time. Where was it staged?*