Is this the toughest Traveltease ever?

After six years of trying, my boss finally got a perfect 10 last week! Clearly the Traveltease quizmaster is slipping. So, this week we’ve made the questions extra super difficult. Attempt them if you dare. Good luck!

Which airline is set to make its debut flight to Australia in March?
In which Indian state will you find the Stupa of Sanchi?
Waipoua is one of earth’s oldest forests. Where is it?
Heredia, Puerto Viejo and Tamarindo are all towns in which country?
The Patras Carnival takes place in which country?
Where will you find the Hadal zone?
In what year did Rome become the capital of Italy, replacing Florence?
Caroline Mikkelsen is reputed to be the first woman to do what?
Viktor Orban is the Prime Minister of which European country?
Golfer Rory McIlroy just won a tournament for a record fourth time. Where was it staged?