Hit all the right notes with our weekly quiz

From worldwide song contests to Australia's favourite travel news magazine, our weekly quiz offers a variety of fun and games. See if you can warm up for the weekend with a perfect 10. Good luck!

The February online edition of Traveltalk just came out. Which of these countries is mentioned on the cover?(Required)
Bob Marley recorded a famous song called Trench Town. Where is it?(Required)
The Parthenon in Athens is dedicated to which Greek deity?(Required)
Venezuela is sandwiched between which two countries in South America?(Required)
Which American carrier just announced a debut direct service to Brisbane?(Required)
Jayne Hrdlicka just stepped down as CEO of which airline?(Required)
Which of these European cities is furthest east?(Required)
If you paid for your taxi from the airport with manat, what country would you be in?(Required)
What is the biggest country in Africa?(Required)
The National Palace Museum contains more than 700,000 pieces. Where is it?(Required)