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No time for a dog day afternoon with our ever-popular weekly quiz. Give it a go and see how many you can get right. Good luck!

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Also known as Watarrka, Kings Canyon is located where?*
Which airline just announced resumed flights between Sydney and Santiago?*
In 2025, AmaWaterways will be the first river cruise operator to sail which river?*
Which U.S. state features in the classic 1940 film Gone With The Wind?*
Famous for playing Imhotep in The Mummy, actor Arnold Vosloo was born where?*
In which country will you find the Zabarwan mountain range?*
What does AmaWaterways NOT include in cruise fares?*
Which of these cities is furthest east?*
This is the Sam Houston Monument. In which U.S. city is it located?*
What type of animal is a Gharial?*