This week’s Traveltease is a little bit of a devil.

Time to sink your teeth into yet another weekly dose of travel trivia. Will you walk away with a perfect 10? Good luck!

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Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant starred in a 1999 rom com set in which London district?*
The town of Strahan is on which coast of Tasmania?*
Which cruise company has ships with the names Seascape, Virtuosa and Euribia?*
Tombstone is an historic town in which U.S. state?*
Opening your wallet you find it’s full of florints. Where are you?*
The Sunda Islands can be found on which continent?*
The Gurkhas are a military regiment primarily formed in which country?*
If you were visiting Mount Vinson, where would you be?*
If you got on a boat and sailed directly west from Yemen, where would you make land?*
In which body of water will you find the Sea of Okhotsk?*